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LTJ Bukem – The Edge: June 1993

Hardcore, jungle and techno archivist Dark Stranger uploaded a classic mixtape by Good Looking Records founder LTJ Bukem. Recorded in 1993 and digitised by Rubadub’s Mother in 2018, it comes complete with “high-end rollers from Trace, Crystl, Peshay, Doc Scoot Rufige Kru, the don himself and more!”


DIM113 – Øyvind Morken

Norway’s Øyvind Morken contributes to the Dimensions Festival mix series, offering up a recording of his warmup from Ron Morelli’s Road Trippin cassette launch party in Oslo. Keeping things at a heady chug for the best part, this is the Full Pupp artist at his finest.


Andy Butler: The Ransom Note Mix

Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair fame on the buttons for the Ransom Note, lending a newfound vitality to a broad spectrum of weirdo dance tracks from the past three decades.


DISCWOMAN 39 x softcoresoft

For the 39th instalment in their mix series Discwoman turn to softcoresoft, a really dope DJ carrying the torch for female representation in Montreal, Canada.

“This mix travels trough techno, electro and broken beats territories. The through line is “rave” in the early/mid 90s sense. Although most tracks are recent or not yet released, my ear tends to converge towards a modern twist on that big room rave sound, which is fast, percussive-heavy, acidic and melodically rich.” – softcoresoft


Distrikt Podcast #03 W/ Truly Madly

Originator of the DEEPRAVE™, Truly Madly boasts a record collection that would put most to shame. It’s on full display here as the Londoner journeys through an effervescent blend, oscillating between atmospheric techno, simmering acid and virtually everything in between.

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