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Magic Mountain High – Live at Freerotation 2019

Magic Mountain High, AKA Move D and Juju & Jordash, brought their conscious-expanding live set to Freerotation.


Left Alone. 33 → Ca͏n͏d͏o͏m͏b͏lé (Aki Aki, Rasputin & DJ Ungel)

All oddball curiosities and tripped-out esoterica, Düsseldorf’s RasputinDJ Ungel and Aki Aki contribute to the Left Alone mix series as Candomblé.


A personal history of Hardcore – Mixed by Basic Rhythm

Basic Rhythm charts his own path of discovery through the hardcore continuum for Crack Magazine.


Mix-en-stock 011 par Weird Weather

The latest Mix-en-stock mix brings an hour uncompromising hour of percussive club music courtesy of Weird Weather.


GHMIX003 – Ilias Pitsios

Into The Light founder Ilias Pitsios exclusively reaching for unreleased demos and “weirdo records” of Greek origin.

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