A weekly rundown of mixes and radio shows we’re enjoying…

LYO#125 / Pasiphae

Intergalactic Gary collaborator Pasiphae conjures images of dystopian landscapes with a contribution to the Les Yeux Orange mix series.


Global Roots w/ Private Persons on Worldwide FM

Private Persons on the Worldwide FM airwaves as part of a recent ‘Russian special’ for Thris Tian‘s Global Roots show.


SIREN w/ Naemi on NTS

An exercise in “self-healing,” Naemi, AKA Exael, lays out their holistic vision for the second hour SIREN‘s ever dependable NTS show.


Cid Hohner – Gelber Staub

OTTO, Aufgang B and C.Z. member Cid Hohner explores furthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond for Growing Bin Records.


Vio DJ – bump ‘n’ flex

A new C Minus mix finds Leihhaus mastermind Vio DJ playing oddities and oddball curiosities of many shades.

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