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BIS Radio Show #895 with Umfang 

We’re late to the white-knuckle ride that is Umfang‘s Beats in Space mix, but it’s too good not to include. Bleepy in some places, punishing in others, with brief pitstops in jungle and ghetto house territory from the Discwoman co-founder.


Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Marc Hollander (The Word Radio)

Mining the genre-bending back catalogue of his iconic Crammed Discs imprint, Belgium’s Marc Hollander comes through with another instalment of his monthly show on The Word Radio. With over three decades worth of adventurous music to plunder, these broadcasts celebrate the output of a trailblazer in cross-genre experimentation.


Don’t DJ 4 Mother’s Finest on Radar Radio

Deeply engaging on both the physical plane and the spiritual, Don’t DJ productions cast a spell with tribal, polyrhythmic hypnosis. It’s a quality that pervades his DJing too (don’t let the moniker fool you; he does in fact DJ), as demonstrated on a guest appearance for Franklin de Costa’s ‘Mother’s Finest’ show on Radar Radio.


Phuong Dan – Lullabies for Insomniacs Guestmix

Long-standing Golden Pudel resident and Gatto Musculoso mastermind Phuong Dan draws you in with an enveloping and immersive blend for the Lullabies for Insomniacs mix series.


Kiara Scuro – Dimensions Festival DJ Directory Mix #25

Featured in the second wave of inductees to the Dimensions Festival ‘DJ Directory’, Ghost Notes residents and Balamii Radio hosts Kiara Scuro explore the dimly-lit corners of their record collections.

“This mix is full of songs that excite us at the moment. From the wavey guitar sounds at the beginning to the heavy EBM techno at the end, we wanted to show the breadth of our sets and how heavy we can go when the time is right! There are some unreleased bits in there from Blind Delon, Desert Sound Colony, Tin Man and our homeboy Jake AKA Pris.” – Kiara Scuro.


12th Isle Forecast 025: The Brothers Birrell

Refusing to be confined by the rules of style or genre, two of “Falkirk’s finest” line up an eclectic two hours for the 12th Isle mix series. No shortage of leftfield gems inside.

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