Freakout Cult strike gold once again with a vintage-sounding, deep and moody 12” from LNS, entitled Heliacal Rising. The label, which is collaboratively run by DJ Fett Burger and Jayda G, has heretofore only seen material from its proprietors get out into the light of day; they’ve now chosen to break the mould by allowing the Vancouver DJ and producer to follow up on her excellent 1080p debut from the beginning of this year.

It’s a varied and mutative affair from start to finish, with LNS and her distinctive style very much flowing through the veins of each and every cut, despite the shifts in tempo and timbre. The only notable deviation from the formula comes via opener ‘R’lyeh’, which actually happens to be remix by Wania associate E-GZR – his additional drum programming on both this track and an ‘E-Version’ of the previously heard ‘Minas’ lend each offering some truly classic 808 drum sounds. 

Other significant highlights include the spacious and subtly-inflected ‘Matariki’, the galactic IDM ambition of ‘Herer’ and the winding-down, last dancer standing vibe of closer ‘Leo’. This is an extremely strong release from one of electronic music’s biggest prospects, and her star genuinely grows brighter with each new release.

Heliacal Rising is out now – UK stockists have sold out but you can pick up the vinyl from Hardwax.

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