Familiar with Konk’s no wave hit, ‘Your Life’? Well, the opening track from Luar Domatrix’s Discos Extendes debut is going to fuck with you. The Portuguese producer samples its chunky bassline, but on the offbeat, as if a DJ was carelessly clanging it into the mix. This clash seems to enact the will of a producer attempting to reconcile new wave nostalgia with the currency of broken techno. And yet these two sounds and scenes – New York ’80s electro and deconstructed club – may have more in common than I permit.

If you revisit the dub of ‘Your Life’, you’ll hear that it’s an exercise in sheer deconstruction, thrust under the surgeon’s scalpel of delay, echo and distortion. In a way, the Lisbon man (one half of Yong Yong) is extending this tradition of early electronic producers utilising B-side dub versions to carry out Frankenstein style mutant experiments in electronics. ‘Bo Teias’ is ’80s freestyle forced through a scrambler, and fired onto the canvas like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Luar Domatrix’s mutant sound emerges from a rather mutant biographical makeup: raised in Lisbon, now based in Glasgow, he has previously released on fellow Portuguese Violet’s label Naivety, as well as collaborating with Scottish artists such as General Ludd, who offers a dark remix of ‘Bo Teias’ on the EP. Roughly translated, bo teias means “good webs”, a title that aptly surmises the effect of a record which both maps and entangles itself in a complex sono-geographical network.

Baía Stamina is out July 3rd on Discos Extendes | Pre-order here

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