Polish artist Lubomir Grzelak, AKA Lutto Lento, returns with his first proper release of 2017, and it proves to be the experimental producer’s debut album no less. Put out by UK label Where To Now?, the intriguingly titled Dark Secret World sees the producer evolve his unique take on underground dance music to a higher plain of composition and vision. With its unorthodox and hugely mixed bag of influences, ranging from “Dancehall, Jungle, and American Sacred Hymns” to “Goosebumps, Caribbean magic beliefs [and] Rudolf Steiner,” it’s safe to say that this diverse and hypothetically conceptual album will stay with listeners long after it draws to a close.

Throughout its densely-filled and rather concise running time of just over 40 minutes, Dark Secret World unveils a multitude of idiosyncratic highlights: the suitably slithering vibe of ‘Rattlesnake’, with its deftly crafted, slick piece of machine-made funk, showcases Lutto Lento’s attempt at giving the album its most impressive and straight-up infectious jam. The numerous, seemingly Anglo-centric (although not exclusively) samples which crop up throughout the record’s duration lend the whole affair an element of both the weird and the wonderful. ‘The Living Hell’, a contender for one of the strongest moments here, utilises its simplistic yet immensely evocative synths to help drive home the emotional heft of the sampled voices, which repetitively utter the LP’s title.

He also opts for the starker, more haunting side of things at various moments – an approach which only adds to this album’s key appeal. ‘It’s a Horror and it’s a Wonder’ is a prime example of this, and not only for its titular theme. The perpetually ominous bass tone rides along for its first movement, only to be ousted by warbled voices and junglist breaks for its joyous second half. Fans of originality and innovation should rejoice: Dark Secret World is a sonic realm most certainly worth occupying.

Dark Secret World is out now on Where To Now? – buy direct from the label.

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