As a producer consistently known for his intriguing and a particularly idiosyncratic approach to musical output, it certainly comes as no surprise that  Matteo Ruzzon, AKA Madteo, has delivered one of the strangest and most kaleidoscopic releases of 2017 thus far. Scheduled for a cassette release on 7th February via Origin Peoples, the Thomas De Quincey-nodding “Confessions of a Permanent Alien Opium Beater” is as psychedelic a piece as its drug-induced title would suggest.

Clocking in at over an hour of deliciously warped and delirious sounds, this unique tape seeks to be a “celestial lysergic jukebox that conjures new pleasures and deeper mysteries with each listen”. With a sonic palette that ranges from trippy Outkast material to captivatingly selected vocal samples, it is haunted by its very own focus on sounds from both past and present: described as “[somewhere] between a Dadaistic mixtape, a surreal audio collage sourced from [Madteo’s] record collection, and sporadic interjections from [his] own storehouse of outlandish […] productions”, this is certainly one that fans of the unusual will not want to miss.

Confessions of a Permanent Alien Opium Beater is out February 9th via Origin Peoples – pre-order the cassette here.

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