Sojouring Music, the second release from the mysterious Danish No Hands imprint, offers 3 sweltering jams from Maizena F.K.A Maizena Boys – one incarnation of the Aarhus-based crew consisting of talent such as DJ Sports, Manmade Deejay, Palta, C.K and most famously, Central, who provided a 2016 Dekmantel Records highlight with his series of Political Dance EPs.

Opening track ‘Sojourning Music’ springs to life with parched conga work and wonky synth-lines invoking an atmosphere as dense and humid as a tropical rainforest. A subtle keyboard refrain provides cohesion in the face of the arrhythmic drum patterns and lush bass pads lurch forth a minute in with sonant synth calls replying from the treetops. Incompressible vocal stabs remind of The Wildthornberry’s Donny as they interject themselves and supplement the instrumental work.

The ‘SPCE mix’ forgoes the slow build, coming in hot and heavy with a driving 4 x 4 kick. A rich sub-bass drives the track throughout as the track reprises all the elements of it’s A1 brother, but rearranging the stems into a much more club-ready experience.

‘Approval’ begins with the sounds of a crisp sparkling brook before giving way to hallowed out kicks and rattling hi-hats. Echoed frog calls further cement the rainforest motif as a warm vocal-emulating lead synth sits atop bitcrushed 56k dial up bleeping plinks. B2’s ‘Inflate Deflate Inflate’ changes the pace of the EP entirely – at sub-110bpm it chugs forth slowly swelling and releasing. A moody background organ adds melancholy to the piece and haunting pan pipes furrow through the rich soundscape, all competing with rising percussive cricket chirps as elements attempt to make a break for the front of the mix. A sudden burst of trilled timps explode through the piece before the track finally winds down, deflating like a record on a powered down turntable.

Sojourning Music is out January 15th on No Hands.

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