Belgium native Maoupa Mazzocchetti is uncompromising in his weirdness, weaving a tangle of sinister, funny EBM and industrial electronics which lurch and throb with an anarchic, unsettling punky, performance-art bent. An acolyte of some of our favourite labels, his work on Unknown Precept, PRR! PRR!, Les Disques De La Bretagne and Knekelhuis show off his fluency with genres which he fluidly moulds to fit his own distinctive, creepy, intoxicating style, calling to mind artists like the Residents, Coil, Chris & Cosey, and Nurse With Wound.

His upcoming Gag Flag LP on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats is perhaps his most realised, discordant, sludgy and electric, it unflinchingly rattles and thumps, a proud mess of channelled, dark energy appropriate for both industrial dancefloors and art-rock performances. To mark its release, he’s compiled a playlist ideal for anyone who succumbs to sleepwalking.

Ben Bertrand – ngc 1999

Cosmic clarinet will take you deeply to an unknown floor. At the first listening I was completely mesmerised by the Ben Bertrand’s music. During a sort of «party», his cousin showed me this YouTube link (live Charleroi). I directly came back home trying to find more about his music, process, etc. etc. His first EP was released by Les Ateliers Claus. I listened it again and again. I’m lucky, Ben is from Brussels. I contacted to meet him. We’ll probably trying to play together for fun very soon.


Rahsaan Roland Kirk Quintet – Volunteered Slavery

Music directly connected with nature. Many concept of god could be jealous about Roland Kirk. This performance and song is giving me goosebumps each time I listen to/see it. Freedom is everywhere here, the melody, the atmosphere, Roland Kirk himself and artists of the band around him. His philosophy as musician and human is very inspiring All of his performance are a lesson of music’s sincerity.


Wolf Eyes – Let The Smoke Rise

Physical music. All Texture, melody, voice, loop, guitar, mix, energy, the simplicity and the efficiency of this songs, everything is combined to listen it on repeat and screaming the lyrics at the same time!


Gila – Trench Cadence

It could be just electro/techno songs but it’s more, with many variation of tempo and a crazy groove in each part of the story. This songs keeps you up every second.


Hidden Operator – King Creole

I’m very sensitive about re-interpretation of genre. This track is very interesting to my ears. There is this CR78 drum machine typically from the ’80s synth wave genre, with some huge synth sequences from dancehall/dub soul. I love that.


Sick Shyt – Slick Shoota x DJ Earl

Refreshed TECTECHTECHTECHTECHHNO. Insane cyclic melody.


Giorgia – Spirit House

Last concert I saw was Giorgia right back from Meakusma Festival. He did some improvisation with iPad, multi pad and feel recording . I was very surprised by his own sound and taste just with some VST on Ableton. That transported me far. I didn’t know this artist before the concert. Thanks Atelier Claus, again.


Frieder Butzmann / Thomas Kapielski ‎– Ein Beglockendes Rauschen

Sounds like [John] Carpenter’s music but so fucked up. So beautiful and funny. Lot of humour in there. I love it.


Miss Red – Dagga

With this project I love the meeting between industrial/dub background of The Bug and the incredible voice of Miss Red.


Possession & African Dub – Ascending

Beautiful guitar and atmosphere. This track helps me to sleep and not switch into sleepwalking. I guess… Thanks Andrea for showing me this.

Gag Flag is out now on Editions Gravats – buy the vinyl here.

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