Marlene Stark‘s background in visual art sheds light on a refreshingly erudite approach to the performance and consumption of electronic music. There’s no denying the Berliner’s voracious appetite for creation in whatever form she’s hungering for, be that writing, producing, DJing or art installation.  

Typifying her avant-garde attitude is the Cashmere Radio show, Superposition, where Marlene defines music “as an immaterial form of art,” peering through a synesthetic lens to look at “cult spaces of immersion and how they are activated when a body or eye settles into a non-objective state.” The show delves into the misty recess of this creative crevasse in a determined effort to frame the coincidence of art, music and literature.

Marlene’s polymathic creative expeditions defy thorough delineation, but perhaps, her residency at Sameheads provides more immediately tangible plane of her creative output. Preparing to make her UK debut for Noods Radio’s long-suffering resident three-piece, Escalator to Nowhere, we asked Marlene to curate a playlist that captured her understanding and connection with the Berlin venue. Strap in for an array of memories and moments heard/imagined from inside/outside the rabbit hole.

“I can’t say what it is specifically which makes this place so special, cause its everything together […] It is very open for everyone. You can be as you are and play what you like. The people are very open minded and thankful for new ideas, non-mainstream music and inventiveness. It is the place where I experiment the most.”

1. Alexander Arpeggio & Marlene Stark – Fitnessstudio

A track on the second release of the new Sameheads Compilation of myself with Alexander Arpeggio. We are both residents at Sameheads.

2. Epsilove – Time Is the Longest Distance

Epsilove is definitely a part of the Sameheads Cosmos. I heard her live the first time at Sameheads. This is a track of her solo EP which came out view weeks ago on Dekmantel. The whole release is dope.

3. Clara! Y Maoupa – Secreto Ritual

I once played after Maoupa at Sameheads birthday party at a fish restaurant (a Turkish restaurant close to Griesmühle). Very much a Neukölln thing! Maoupa is one of the most talented musicians I know and the collaboration with Clara! is insane. The last release is one my favourites ever, and this is their new release. The track is also uploaded by one of my favourite YouTube channels, ran by Giorgi Pipia from Georgia, has also played at my party at Sameheads already.

4. Patricia Kokett – Mmuo Trance

Patricia Kokett – he was the first person I’ve invited to play live at Sameheads. This is release on Knekelhuis.

5. Zaliva-D – Can’t Go Back For me

Zalvia-D is a new interpretation of the musical cosmos that I’m living in, I play this in nearly every set, too dope.

6. As Longitude – Black Rice

Here’s an older release on Knekelhuis from ‘As Longitude’ which is joint project from Eva Geist and Ondula, both of whom are Sameheads residents. Their quarterly party is a must if you like experimental music!

7. Twoonky – Dezzo (2019 – Album)

Twoonky is also one of the bands I’ve heard at Sameheads they’ve just released an album on Macadam Mambo.

8. Marie -Materpfahl

Marterpfahl by Marie came out on the first EP of Eine Welt’s Eine Welt Vol.1, the label is ran by Alexander Arpeggio with a new release planned early 2020.

9. Ausserhalb – Zeitzelle

NDW – def a part of Sameheads.

10. Astral Sounds – Kaleidoscope

This track is on my Sameheads tape which came out in February. Every release on Sameheads Tapes is super special and you can listen to it on Sameheads Soundcloud page.

Marlene Stark plays Escalator to Nowhere a secret North London venue on December 13th – buy tickets here

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