Marlon Hoffstadt‘s latest release pays tribute to the parties that should have been, to shared dancefloor experiences that could have been, and to anyone that might have indulged in some hands-in-the-air euphoria this summer. Hands In The Air Eurodance harkens back to a time before the global pandemic with the promise of “tongue-in-cheek dance music.”

Never one to take himself too seriously, there’s a decidedly Euro-leaning panache to most Hoffstadt output – something particularly apparent in the Italo and Eurobat tropes of ‘Der Eurotrancer’ – but assuming the alias DJ Daddy Trance, this one pushes the envelope further than ever before. Out now on Midnight Themes, Hoffstadt whets appetites with a selection of his favourite emotional trance and Eurodance cuts.

1. U96 – Club Bizarre

Looking at my best of trance and Eurodance list, this is probably the perfect track to start with. Its a such a cheesy wonder anthem and fills me with joy from the very beginning. The only big thing missing for me is a bit of power in the lower ends.

2. Wippenberg – Neuro Dance

If there is a definition of a banging trance track, it is this song. Discovered it via a Spotify playlist, and then ended up hearing it on repeat for 2 hours on a ride in the car. I have not had the confidence to play it yet as it is pretty hardcore, and more energetic than most of the other stuff that I play.

3. Darude – Feel The Beat

I have been a massive Darude fan ever since I heard ‘Sandstorm’. A few weeks ago I found this song, and noticed that I actually like it more than Sandstorm, as it is a bit more laid back (if you can even say that, haha).

4. Dune – Hardcore Vibes

What a tune!? Just super banging and hardcore, how else haha? Once played this song and was super shocked by how fast and hard it sounded in the club, just like with Wippenberg, I never hat the confidence to play it again, but I actually listen to it a lot when driving around with my mate Max.

5. Antiloop – In My Mind

I really like the mixture of techno and trance elements in here and the vocal is also pretty sick! Nothing more to add. A pretty practical track that works just fine for me and my sets.

6. Captain Hollywood Project – More And More

Now going away from trance, and more towards Eurodance this one is an absolute anthem. Boom, keep in tune. When he kicks in with the spoken word I have goosebumps over and over again. I sometimes repeat the song from beginning only to hear this kick in. Pretty much perfect for a open air floor with a ravey crowd 🙂

7. Tin Tin Out – Strings For Yasmin

I found this one through the Saoirse Boiler Room and fell in love. Then I played it myself and noticed that I could not create the same energy as she did. Soooo… I am still looking for that perfect moment to drop this song 🙂

8. Alizee – L’Alize (DJ Tonka’s Sunny Season Mix)

I am not sure that this is Eurodance, but still it is one of my favourite cheesy house tunes of the moment. Tonka in general is a wicked producer (his old stuff). Right now this is my top played shower track.

9. Marlon Hoffstadt – Dance With Me

I also wanted to share one of my own tracks, that is a modern interpretation of oldschool Eurodance. It is totally lacking a cheesy vocal but still I feel it has a similar vibe to. It’s an ode to one of my favourite clubs, ELSE, here in Berlin. AND it comes along a nice video by EELF with footage from the Love Parade.

10. Bass Bumpers – Move To The Rhythm

I think this track is a wonderful ending to this playlist, as it is a wild ride between smooth parts and a mixture of hip-house and eurodance. Hope you all enjoyed my little list here and I hope to see you soon again on the dancefloor 🙂

Hands In The Air Eurodance is out now on Midnight Themes | Buy it here

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