Following a flurry of outings under various pseudonyms, navigating through Nick Lapien‘s discography can be fairly bewildering. Bewitching techno as one half of Delsin duo, Artefakt, or expansive vocal house on Fred P’s Soul People Music, it’s hard to pin down any specific influencers as the producer shape-shifts with virtually every release. By far his most adventurous alias, Lapien’s Metropolis project has become an outlet for some really intriguing stuff. The noodling acid on BLIQ forced us to sit up and take notice and he’s set to indulge his peculiar side further in 2016, starting with a debut on Pinkman Records sub-label, Charlois.

A seamless addition to the nascent offshoot, the EBM-tinged mechanics of the opening two tracks mark new territory for the Dutchman. Rigid and unyielding, ‘Uberall Polizei, Nirgendwo gerechtigkeit’ is a rousing, eight-minute long cut of machine-tooled ordnance, while the darting bassline of ‘Kriegdienstverweigerer’ is how I’d imagine pinging around a haunted house-themed pinball machine at double speed would sound. Closing with the title track, Lapien’s ghostly pads cast an otherworldly shadow over proceedings while the expansive acid line oscillates fiercely overhead.

CHAR06 is out now in digital and vinyl format. Buy direct from the label here.

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