Venturing from regular stomping ground Untzz Records by way of Butter Sessions and Rhythm Works, Mic Mills has been hard at work on his debut LP. Taking his sound away from his homely continent and placing it in the hands of UK label Coastal Haze, the Adelaide-based producer explores the tranquil, groovy and exotic with his appropriately titled cassette, The Globalised LP.

With 9 pieces, spanning 50 minutes on a 2-side tape, Mills showcases his ability to create a narrative through an extensive musical knowledge early on. Flitting between leftfield house, ambient and downtempo, tracks like ‘Inner Jungle’ and ‘Slow Dance Of Sea And Sand’ create an atmosphere with such clarity, transporting your imagination to his imagined tropical island. Where the former presents dreamy percussion, calls of native birds and layers of lush synth, ‘Slow Dance Of Sea And Sand’ leads you away from the jungle onto the shoreline: as the full moon beams down, a welcoming eeriness caresses the island’s shore as subtle bass and the chirp of hidden crickets usher you into the early hours.

The tracks between ‘Inner Jungle’ and ‘Slow Dance Of Sea And Sand’, move the tempo forward and into house territory. With rhythmic percussive movements, layered synth and an array of eclectic electronics, Mills creatively soundtracks the tropical-themed party that is Side A. When the full moon begins to tuck itself behind the heavy storm clouds, deeper percussion, synth and bass pave the way for heavier grooves as ‘Globalise (Stringlet Mix)’ and ‘Slipping (Smile Mix)’ signal the last energetic moments of the party’s proceedings.

As the storm clouds give way, ‘Fishbowl’ takes you out to sea. With a distant clatter of thunder that places you in the midst of a light tropical storm. Nostalgic synth helps you relax and unwind following the evenings events. ‘Pig Of A Man’ draws you back to the island for one last boogie, providing a surreal final track atmosphere that concludes a captivating debut. As spectacular breakbeat grooves ring out over the island, you find sand beneath your toes and another journey ahead of you.

The Globalise LP is out now on Coastal Haze – buy it direct from the label.

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