In what is a very strong collection overall, Sleep Paralysis finds fraternal duo Mikron tapping into a rich vein of complex electro rhythms right from the off – a style which Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit seem to be purveying on a highly consistent basis as of late. Many tracks sound meticulously constructed and put together with great craftsmanship, and the sublime techno grooves which come to the fore as a result of this are undeniable.

Highlights include the opening title track, which swerves and swells with visceral synth stabs throughout its entirety, eventually making way for a reprieve which is almost reminiscent of classic IDM in its tone. The true standout of the EP in general, however, has to be the combined suite of ‘Dry Sense’ and ‘Dry Sense II’; the first movement is a brooding number that maintains the dark vibes which are prevalent all across the EP, and is most certainly guaranteed to have bodies gyrating with its seriously addictive recurring riff. The second stage amps up the atmosphere and embellishes on the previously heard sounds, until the whole thing grinds to a halt, as if dismantling itself.

A wholly impressive CPU debut, it really does hark back to the vintage days of electro, albeit with a distinctly modern edge – dystopian rhythms indeed.

It’s been selling fast, but Sleep Paralysis is still available in vinyl format from Norman Records or direct from CPU. The first four tracks are also available in digital here.

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