Delivering their second excavation from the Italian producer’s back catalogue, Melbourne-based purveyor of electronic oddities Mothball Record will reissue the solo debut from Federico De Caroli AKA DECA later this month. Pressed in very limited numbers, the original release arrived on VideoRadio in 1986 – a label recently plundered by Mothball for Giusey Dej’s ‘Walking In The Night’ – with just a single copy available on Discogs for a ludicrous £218.

Italo is both the bread and butter of Mothball Record and the genre DECA first tried his hand at, but like its predecessor, this reissue is cut from a different cloth. The 1980s were certainly a simpler time for electronic music, when genre boundaries weren’t so clearly defined and Alkaid melds various styles over twelve tracks. Post-industrial ambient, modern classical and synth-pop influences manifest through cinematic, soaring compositions that cover a spectrum of moods, from the palatial to the foreboding.

Alkaid is out June 19th on Mothball Record – pre-order the vinyl here.

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