Whether disillusioned, disenfranchised, ill-informed or lazy as fuck, there’s a growing concern that many young people around the UK won’t be voting in the upcoming EU referendum. To combat this predictable bout of apathy, many who feel participation is crucial are utilising whatever channels available to get the message across.

Without taking a public stance on whether to exit or remain, NTS have been using social media as a platform for friends of the station to air their views (so far featuring short videos from Throwing Shade, Moxie, LuckyMe’s Eclair Fifi and Blackwax of Circadian Rhythms fame). Other musical luminaries have also been adding their voice to the cause over the last few days. Dimensions Festival posted on their Facebook page, choosing to focus on the freedom of movement provided by being in the EU and Boiler Room have shone a light on the t-shirt design-driven campaign from Turner Prize-winning photographer, Wolfgang Tillmans [see below]. With the message “Don’t let an older generation decide your future,” the German native has absolutely nailed it.

Like many of the above, we don’t think this is an appropriate platform to discuss the intricacies of such a multi-faceted issue, but we do urge you to make sure your voice is heard (for Lizzie’s sake). Registration closes tomorrow, so get involved!

Clockwise from left: Josey Rebelle, Throwing Shade and Lobster Theremin’s Jimmy Asquith sporting Tillmans’ design.

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