Scott Fraser and Timothy J. Fairplay’s Crimes Of The Future imprint has proven to be one of the most consistent and exciting record labels to emerge from the UK in recent times. With a slew of esoteric, yet entirely captivating electronic releases already in their back catalogue – ranging from music by Perseus Traxx to Giallo Disco co-founder Vercetti Technicolor – the label has conducted its business thus far with a distinct modus operandi, as well as a unique tagline with regards to their aesthetic, “The sound of the lonely city”. The London-based purveyors have looked across the Atlantic for their latest output, with Mystic Bill, a key figure in the wider dispersal of American house and techno throughout the ’80s, ’90s and beyond, delivering his first 12” of 2017.

Titled The Lost Cassette Trax Vol. 1, listeners are treated to some exhilaratingly hard-hitting, acid-tinged house cuts right from the off: ‘Frequency 9’ is based around a gyrating synth loop which sees various musical ephemera traverse the same soundscape at different stages, with haunting chords and transient vocal samples all coming and going throughout the track’s duration. Similarly visceral is the ‘Scott Fraser Mind Control Mix’, which showcases the Body Hammer man’s knack for reshaping fine dance music into equally intricate, functional and straight-up lovable compositions.

On the flip, Mystic Bill delivers ‘The Ship Is Sinking’ (including an instrumental version of the same song), which signs off this ostensibly long-forgotten batch of material on trustworthy terms. Making use of some highly addictive, overdriven bass sounds and legitimately disorientating percussive breaks, it’s a total sonic enigma guaranteed to have audiences, both at home and on the dancefloor, wondering where the magic of Mystic Bill will take them next.

The Lost Cassette Trax Vol 1 is out now on Crimes Of The Future – buy the vinyl here.

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