Like many of his compatriots, Tel Aviv’s Naduve operates on the peripheries of dance music; his productions a chugging symbiosis of Middle Eastern motifs and brooding atmospheres akin to the output of local outfit, Malka Tuti. It’s what make’s him a perfect fit for labels dealing in genre-bending distillations of house and techno. Previous outings include appearances on Manchester’s Panini football sticker obsessed Rothmans imprint and the Discodromo-helmed club night-come-record label, CockTail d’Amore, but the Israeli set sights a little closer to home on his Disco Halal debut.

As evocative as the sights, sounds and smells of the bazar, ‘Ready Set Go’ plunges straight into the hustle and bustle of an imagined market place. With an onus on the heady and hypnotic, synth melodies eddy around one another, coagulating at the track’s centre until it’s bursting at the seams with colour and coal-fired vitality. That irrepressible energy’s tempered on a soporific remix courtesy of COMA member Saturn Memories, however – the remaining synths flutter like a warm breeze, the rhythms loose and unhurried.

Favouring a more robust approach on the flip, ’10K From Essaouira’ is insistent, but never peak time intense. The motorik pulse steamrolls everything in its way, leaving a plenty of room for playful xylophone melodies and a distorted vocal sample that shrouds the track in Middle Eastern mysticism. Naduve then assumes the roll of snake charmer on the title track, leading a serpentine bassline through his skeletal forest of lighter-than-air synth melodies, organ stabs and muffled 808 patterns.

The Race For A Handshake is a peace offering of sorts, an olive branch extended in such challenging times. A short press release recognises that such a gesture may be futile, but the image of a South Park-style (apologies for the crappy footage) coming together soundtracked by the sounds of Disco Halal is quite beautiful.

The Race For A Handshake is out now on Disco Halal – buy the vinyl from Juno or OYE.

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