Taped Artifact have made it clear in their manifesto that they intend to focus on “the artification of deep, atmospheric music”. Consistent with that theme, the latest 12” EP on this very imprint comes from the L.A.-based Natan H, an artist that has previously released music on ManMakeMusic, Finale Sessions and Altered Moods Recordings. His dub techno sound is brimming with cosmic energy and portrays a distinct aural landscape which is hard to ignore.

Opener ‘Erklingen Dub’ generates some moody sounds to lay the foundation for its main melody, until the central rhythm comes along and snaps the song well and truly into shape. A hypnotic affair, it sets the tone for the rest of the A-side – highlight ‘Te Aro’ is a magnificent piece of work, with its repetitive synth booms conjuring sounds of a siren in the night, albeit without any sense of foreboding or warning, but with real spirit and poignancy instead.

‘Submission’ helps the release move on with the same dubbed out aesthetic by utilising many of the same previously heard layers and sounds, this time favouring a slightly more rapid tempo, emphasising Natan H’s ability to craft finely tuned techno which is both absorbing and alluring. The EP’s final cut, ‘Orthogonal’, ends things on the even deeper end of the spectrum. Its rhythmic changes feel extremely laboured, although it is a perfect closer because of this very quality – hazy, contemplative and soothing are all words which spring to mind. Essential listening if you like your dance music swathed in atmosphere but still able to kick it with genuine gusto.

The Erklingen EP is out now and available in vinyl format here.

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