Allegedly hailing from Düsseldorf, the Berlin-based Nicolai Toma has appeared as if from nowhere on Endless Flight with two laid back, grooving house numbers. Supporting the EP is an energising remix from Matt Karmil, who recently supplied Beats In Space 014.

Toma’s Minifloat EP rolls smoothly into life with its eponymous first track. The fairly sparse percussive elements make way for warm, summer evoking chords that are subtly littered with cut-up vocal samples. Somewhere in the middle a playful acid line gently materialises and paves the way for an abrupt and sporadic jam of all the tracks elements before casually falling back into its somnambulistic rhythm.

Matt Karmil takes up remix duties on the second track and supplies a deceptively lively and euphoric rework. The filtered pads rise to crystalline moments of serenity before Karmil drives the track back down into the business of being a stand out house number.

Minifloat is then rounded off by the highly accessible and dance floor-ready ‘Like To Know’. The track is set apart by its funky keys and indiscernible vocal loops, tightening the rhythm up, whilst in the background a wiry guitar can be heard amidst the looming sound of a police siren. There’s even a woodwind segue thrown in for good measure; definitely one that’s in the Raw Cuts vein of things.

The Minifloat EP can be purchased now from Phonica in 12″ format.

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