As debuts go, the eponymously titled Nu Guinea EP on Early Sounds Recordings is pretty hard to beat. Arriving at the tail end of 2014, the 12″ flew off the shelves and inflated Discogs prices have had collectors calling out for a repress ever since. Then came another exquisite effort via Tartelet Records, but the duo will now return to Early Sounds with a mini-album that pays homage to afrobeat pioneer, Tony Allen.

Rearranging drum patterns originally recorded by the former Fela Kuti percussionist, the 9-track LP will feature more of the spongy, rubberised melodic work we’ve grown accustomed to from the Naples-based producers. It won’t be the first time Nu Guinea deal with live drums either, having sampled their own on previous productions. Released in tandem with Parisian afrobeat outlet, Comet RecordsThe Tony Allen Experiments will be yet another tile in the globetrotting mosaic Nu Guinea are constructing.

No official date has been set, but keep an eye on the Early Sounds Facebook page for updates on a release.

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