Oslo’s Øyvind Morken popped onto our radar with mixes for Fett Burger’s Trushmix series and a mesmerising debut on his own, Fett-distributed Moonlighting imprint. A contemporary of Telephones and Prins Thomas, he’s also released a slew of EPs on the latter’s Full Pupp label, but today the Norwegian served up something a little different to his usual fare.

Produced  “sometime between 2012 and 2014,” ‘En Kveld På Hasle’ is the score to an imagined short sci-fi thriller set in the Oslo neighborhood of Hasle. Translating to ‘An Evening On Hasle’, once you hear those eerie electronics it won’t take long to join the dots. With a theremin straight out of The Day The Earth Stood Still, it’s going to lead even the most confident of sceptics to believe that aliens are already walking among us. All hail Øyvind Morken, the new supreme leader of Earth.

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