A Lyon-based triumvirate best known as PALMA Soundsystem have been moving crowds with a melodic brand of acid house and techno for quite a while. They first popped up on our radar via a Boiler Room performance last year and we’ve been craving that debut release ever since, but the wait is almost at an end.

Marking the start of a series focused around live jam sessions and analogue gear, PALTRX001 is how I’d imagine the bastard offspring of Acido boss Dynamo Dreesen and the Golden Pudel’s Helena Hauff might sound. At least those were my thoughts regarding the procession of freaky electronics, densely packed percussive elements and an acid line manipulated almost beyond the point of recognition that make up the opening track.

‘CCC’ isn’t as subtle as it’s predecessor but there is a certain degree of finesse. Buoyed by an unyielding kick drum and the oppressive bass synth that hammers on throughout, you do get a sense of spontaneity in the delicate melodic elements – often a product of jamming with live gear rather than sitting in front of a computer screen. ‘Virgo’ on the other hand leaves all subtlety at the door, combining the same strapping framework with scattergun hi-hats and monstrous 303s capable of decimating most discerning dancefloors.

PALTRX001 is available to pre-order in vinyl format from Redeye and Chez Emile Records.

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