Purveyors of weird and wonderful music Gravity Graffiti have drafted the brothers Central and DJ Sports – appearing here as Palta & Ti – on board for the EP’En Andre Hjem 12”. The label’s sixth release to date, it’s a batch of tracks that sees the duo touch on ambient, house and a whole other manner of unique electronic stylings throughout.

The titular opener ‘Andre Hjem’ begins with some luxurious synthesiser swirls that slowly drape themselves over a recurring set of exotic percussive sounds. Seemingly intangible and largely indecipherable, whispering vocal samples add to the intrigue. Following this comes the ‘SPCE Mix’ of the same cut, with Sportscentral embellishing the song’s drums, layering them with an addictive repetition that manages to fully flesh out the original rhythms. A simplistic yet sultry bassline guides us through this version of a previously heard vision.

‘Det Hurtige Track’ (translating to ‘The Fast Track) utilises some rapid hi-hat and cymbal work to inaugurate the B-side’s beginning: abstract melodies materialise and morph into different forms throughout its duration, with what sounds like electronically inflected organ tones carrying us to its eventual conclusion. The EP’s closer, ‘Gir Mig Hen’, incorporates a feel-good tune into its running time, retaining the distinct sonic nuance that Palta & Ti deliver to listeners across the record.

EP’En Andre Hjem is out soon on Gravity Graffiti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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