Paramida is no stranger to trance-inducing dance music. That’s probably why it came of little surprise when she set sights on Slack’s remix of ‘State Of Mind’ by Peyote Dreams. The handiwork of Justin Drake and Quinn Whalley (who later went on to found Peace Division and Paranoid London respectively), the rework was only previously available on a split EP from 1994, and has been something of an elusive grail for fans of proto-trance ever since. The Love On The Rocks boss, however, had other ideas.

Backed with a pair of remixes from Roza Terenzi and Alex Kassian, it has finally received reissue treatment on the Berliner’s label. Not stopping there, Paramida has also taken the time to pick out several conscious-expanding tracks, harking back to a time before trance was fully-realised as a genre.

1. Dance 2 Trance – Dance 2 Trance

I love this track. It’s an absolute classic. There’s no way I could have not mentioned this one. They say that trance was the German answer to Belgian EBM. And if you listen to this track from 1991, you will understand why.

2. LaTour – Blue

I think anyone from the UK would be very pissed about the definition of Trance being the German answer to EBM as there were also significant waves from the UK that later turned into Progressive House (apparently it was. So here’s another classic from the UK from 1991. Very atmospheric, ravey and bleepy.

3. KLF – What Time Is Love

KLF are such legends. Especially this track from 1989. Basically the pioneers of what later became trance during the acid house wave.

4. Psychik Warrior ov Gaia – Obsidian

Trance is a state of mind. And if you listen through these 20 minutes, you will know why.

5. Vapour Space – Gravitiational Arch of 10

This is a an alltime favorite from Canada that came out on Richie Hawtin’s Plus8 in 1993. Beautiful and epic. Just how trance should be. I made a slight edit/mash up of this that you can find on my Soundcloud page.

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