Peter Graf York makes hard-to-define, genre-hopping weirdness. Many styles spanned, sources of inspiration numerous, his debut release demonstrated a truly global perspective. Drawing from B-boy electro and ambient to Middle Eastern musics and psyched-out desert rock, few stones were left unturned in its creation, and the followup expands his palette even further.

Dub abstractions, Pacific Northwest minimalism, Fourth World aesthetics; these are the building blocks Expedition Bahn is erected upon. If the sounds represented are disparate, the unifying motif is travel – there’s a cinematic quality indicative of the fact that much of it was written on the train as the world passed by. Out soon on Amsterdam label South of North, PGY hopes to inspire others with a selection to soundtrack your daily commute.

1. M.Nomized – Voyage

Starting this trip with M.Nomized and wishing you a bon „Voyage.“

2. Sigmar Fricke – Slow Dance Pt. 1

He had been hit.

Do you ever get hit by a train?

3. Orfeon Gagarin – Ùltima Instancia

Who hasn’t seen some U.F.O.s out of a train window?!

4. Randell Kennedy – Enorma Jones (Revisited)

From Hollywood to the Eskimos – Enorma had a mad trip, too.

5. Trio der Einmaligkeit – Niger Ambience (A nursery to Aurich)

My personal hymn for the region I come from. Always nice, listening to this one on a train ride, when I’m going there.

6. Kevin Harrison – Vapour Trails

You got nothing to do on your train ride? What about counting vapour trails. This tune will support your counting.

7. Klangwart – Moloch

Returning from the peaceful countryside and entering the city limits, this one by a Cologne-based band brings you back into this oppressive feeling cities can have.

8. TBZ – OG Beers B3

Tuut tuuuuut – better jump out of the way, because this 2017’er steam loco from Robert Bergman’s Brew Records won’t brake for you.

9. Bernard C. – Walk

Ever got stuck in a train because of technical problems just a few minutes before the arrival?

10. Bear Bones Lay Low – Dissolve Into The Night

And finally – this trippy one takes me straight on to the Orient Express.

Expedition Bahn is out March 9th on South of North – pre-order here

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