Don’t let those youthful looks deceive, Tom Ford aka Peverelist has been around for quite a while. The man is quite fresh faced so you’d be excused for thinking otherwise, but while the Punch Drunk owner’s probably best known today for his role as one third of Livity Sound, he’s been putting in a proper shift for the best part of two decades.

From exploring rhythms at 140 bpm under the Punch Drunk banner to the mutant techno constructions he’s releasing today, sub-low frequencies have always been prevalent throughout Pev’s musical endeavours, so it’s of little surprise that he started out playing jungle records. As a precursor to dubstep, it definitely makes sense and the Bristol-based producer has been digitising some of his old jungle mixtapes for our listening pleasure. Volume 1 is available to stream here and you can listen to the second instalment below.

DISCLAIMER: Do not hold us responsible if you can’t resist putting a lighter up and having a skank around your respective workplace. You have a young Tom Ford to blame for that!

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