Overseen by the impressive triumvirate of DJ Carrera, DJ Normal 4 and LL/DJ, the Mülheim and der Ruhr-based Aiwo Records has delivered its fifth release to date. A scintillating 12″, regular collaborators Aki Aki and Rasputin unveil their Phaserboys project, serving up an eponymous EP with a sense of fervour and panache not often heard on debut discs.

Soon accompanied by a languid set of drums and an accentuating bassline, opener ‘Ice’ has some fittingly crystalline textures and tones. The titular vocal sample recurring intermittently, additional moans and groans helping to highlight the slinky nature of Phaserboys and their sound. ‘Including No Information’ takes this a step further, exposing listeners to even more laid-back lounge funk: sparsely implemented lyrics, retro-leaning bass and evocative synth chords are all thrown into the mix to create a truly soothing sonic remedy. Plenty of melodic wobble and pseudo-beatnik percussion in full effect too.

The B-side sees a slight shift in approach – ‘Phase Energie’ begins with an enticing call of “Hello! Let’s go!” and things segue into a truly cosmic jam from there. With its unfurling main synth line and distinctly uptempo rhythm, Phaserboys hijack the musical mainline with some pure adrenaline for this one. When things are stripped back to basics we’re treated to the EP’s most blissful, euphoric moment – a glistening stunner to be sure.

Closing proceedings, ‘HAllo’ initially leads us back to the slightly slower side of things, although the rapid electronic sequence slightly further down in the mix soon becomes apparent. This fleshes out into the final offering’s enthralling centrepiece, an intricately woven haze of machine music and organic emotion. Across just four tracks these guys showcase a die-hard fascination with the wide variety of exploratory avenues in electronic music, in turn incorporating a fair few flourishes of their own.

The Phaserboys EP is out now on Aiwo Records – buy the vinyl here.

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