It’s been a strong year for Central Processing Unit, with the likes of 214 and the legendary B12 rolling out fresh productions on the imprint over the past couple of months. Plant43’s Weightless in the Void is certainly no exception either as UK-based producer Emile Facey makes his second appearance on the prolific Sheffield label.

Relatively straightforward, ‘Archived Memory’ gets things going – the finely-detailed drum programming lies just beneath the surface, but it’s the memorable hook you’ll find getting under your skin with ease. With its lush chords punctuating the track’s more serene moments, ‘Weightless in the Void’ has a undeniably Drexciyan feel. Its title is also given significant meaning by the spacious, zero-G atmosphere that persists throughout. 

‘Will I Dream’ starts off the B-side with a steady tempo and funky groove more than capable of keeping things travelling and bodies moving. Sombre keys enter the fold and flesh things out with a wistful and poignant perspective, eventually leading to the cut’s conclusion as it dissipates into the ether.

‘Edge of Consciousness’ feels as if it’s ascending to the stars with the aid of a recurring synth motif. Equipped with infectious rhythm, Plant43’s intricate arrangements on the track also showcase knack for fantastic and functional electro. ‘The Lightning Veil’ is as soothing a finale as one could imagine, with new age piano tones reverberating in its soundscape, alongside the sounds of birds chirping; when considering this EP’s themes and track titles, whether these sounds are real or synthetic is another question entirely.

Weightless In The Void is out now on Central Processing Unit – buy the vinyl and digital direct from the label.

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