Brian Pinyero might release music under several different names, but those personas certainly reside in the same universe. Dusty dancefloor cuts via Lovers Rock and BANK Records NYC as DJ Wey, dreamy breaks on 1080p using the name Luis, or the Reggaeton-powered DJ Python 12″ that occupies territory somewhere in-between; the producer from Queens, New York, works with more or less the same palette across the board. The latest, a 4-track affair on San Francisco’s Exotic Dance Records, sees Pinyero assume a brand new alias. Step up Deejay Xanax, whose elongated, jungle-focused productions have caused a stir among diggers and dancers alike since a debut release last December.

Channelling the energy of World Dance and Desert Storm, the first If-Only podcast of 2017 comes courtesy of the man himself. Don’t let the name fool you though – if you were looking for something sedative and tranquillising, this isn’t it. 100% vinyl and running at just over an hour, the blend explores over 2 decades worth of jungle and drum & bass material, mixed with a typically take-no-prisoners approach.

EDR004 is out now on Exotic Dance Records – buy the vinyl and digital direct from the label.

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