The Field Work Tumblr feed is a miscellany of outlandish visuals, most recently taking a satirical turn, posting GIFs of Donald Trump and Bill Gates and videos of London stock brokers and an aggressively confident motivational speaker titled “Stop Selling Start Closing”. Occurring monthly, their NTS show is equally offbeat – scroll through the archived recordings and you’ll see the South London-based foursome have a taste for the peculiar, incorporating genres like spoken word, ambient and kosmische into their broadcasts. Regularly tuning in to see what the FW gang have in store, it was only a matter of time before we got them on board for a mix.

Opening with an spoken exchange about heavy metal, you get the impression this isn’t meant for the easily perturbed. The track bubbling beneath eventually takes centre stage, but with discordant organ and equally unnerving vocal accompaniment, that itself begins to resemble a demented take on a Gregorian chant, as if it were conjured from some twisted parallel universe. The uncanny quality is present throughout as warbling dub transmissions, eerie synth-pop, haywire techno and samples of Balinese Monkey Chanting coalesce over the 102 minute duration. At one stage another voice talks about so-called “Gilchrist Elements” existing in a “super physical realm, half way between the physical plain and the spiritual plain.” It’s a fitting monologue to accompany a blend seeking to tread a path between the spirit world and our own physical existence.

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