Alysha Fleiter has been a constant of the Australian circuit for some time. If recent undertakings are anything to go by though, her journey as Nite Fleit is only just beginning. Adding a recent gig at the Sydney Opera House Studio alongside Kenji Takimi and Noise In My Head and a kinetic remix on Multi Culti to a growing list of achievements, the Sydney-based selector appears to be building a healthy head of steam. That’s not to say she didn’t already have plenty under her belt, whether playing for the esteemed Power Station and and Plastic World crews – also sorting an killer EBM edit for the former – or rolling out mixes for the likes of i-D and Rinse FM.

While partial to chugging oddities and a bit of Balearica, Fleiter prefers to “relish in the darkness,” as demonstrated by the 17th instalment in our podcast series. Wasting little time, she sets the pace diving headfirst into some horizon-spanning electro, but things get progressively raucous from there. At times militant, the momentum shifts between rhythms capable of shaking the sturdiest of foundations and basslines loaded with funk. Full of synapse firing elements, ASMR-inducing melodies and flying volleys of kick drum leave little room for respite – the only time an air of calm descends on proceedings comes by way of a synth wash in the latter stages, but the rug is quickly pulled from underneath as we descend into a violent maelstrom of clattering percussion and boisterous 303. Music at the harder end of the dance spectrum can be guilty of being too austere, but not here, not with Nite Fleit.

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