Somewhere in Karlsruhe, Germany, Fred und Luna watch the world pass by from a fashion boutique display window. Side-by-side, they endear the furtive glances from absent-minded passersby, but when those shutters come down, the mannequins begin to stir. Summoning the spirit of Cluster, Neu! and Kraftwerk, they move around the shop floor making their “Krautelektro” hybrids.

Fascinated by the oddball electronics of ’70s and ’80s Krautrock, Rainer Buchmüller’s musical persona takes on quite an unconventional guise. Fuelled by motorik propulsion and kosmische synthesis, he assumes the role of male mannequin for live appearances, the Luna to his Fred changing depending on the occasion. 2016’s Optimo debut showed there’s more to a mannequin than meets the eye and clocking in at just over 90 minutes, Fred und Luna welcome you to the Klanggarten, skilfully meandering through their Kraut-infused selections.

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