Coining the term “anxiety rhythm” to describe an output laced with tension, Wilted Woman engages in a somewhat challenging subversion of techno, synthesising tightly coiled rhythms and discordant electronics with musique concrète, punk, industrial, minimal synth, noise and glitch. Sonic elements are obscured and distorted, misshapen and manipulated through the mistreatment of the tools at her disposal.

Bold enough to release her material, the Berliner has graced the Alien Jams, She Rocks!birdFriend and Primitive Languages labels, to name a few. A disruptive presence wherever the music lands, we always expected something that paid conventions no mind. Safe to say we weren’t let down: just like previous mixes, the willingness to let avant-garde arrangements occupy the same space as Boney M’s ‘Daddy Cool’ further demonstrates a desire to disorientate and perplex. Just like Wilted Woman productions, once it gets going, the mix never truly looses site of the dancefloor – sure, at times it might resemble a dot on the horizon, but it always seems to come back into partial view.

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