Not to be confused with the Director of the German Institute on Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies who shares his name, Berlin-based producer Daniel Koehler eschews the confines of genre which too often stifle innovation and originality in electronic music. In his own words, there’s “nothing worse than the idea of a “purist” form of house, techno, drum & bass, jazz or rock.” It gives a sense of stylistic freedom that can be heard on everything from ‘Contra Blood’s mutant jungle-techno hybridism to the acute bleep ‘n’ bass of ‘Thief’.

Providing records for the Skudge white label series, Berceuse Heroique, Die Orakel, R-Zone, Diagonal and most recently, a split 12″ on Whities, high-octane drama and absorbing depth are the two qualities which pervade most Koehler productions and mixes alike (before anyone flags up the absorbing ambient cuts on Anti-Gravity Switch or Oblivious Pool, we did say most). It’s therefore unsurprising that even within the realms of functional house and techno, he manages to take this mix to places strange and unusual. Trading the blistering rave ordnance for full-on dancefloor hypnosis, it’s still quintessential Koehler.

Koehler joins Barnt, Gunnar Haslam and Gigsta to play How Soon Is Now at About Blank on July 25th – buy tickets here.

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