Emergent purveyor of disturbed machine funk and dungeon-dwelling rhythmic roughage, Bogdan Dražić cuts a curious figure on the London scene. His music has appeared on two remarkably disparate labels in Giallo Disco and The Trilogy Tapes, while the programming of the Gdanse parties he has a part in orchestrating are simultaneously in keeping with an overarching, exploratory theme and divergent, counting Credit 00, Will Bankhead, Black Merlin and Scientific Dreamz of U amongst the bookings to date.

Everything he touches seems to project an oddball sensibility without ever becoming too difficult or academic. Voodoo ritual into tribal shamanism, Videodrome-sampling breaks swamped in primordial ooze and sawtooth rave synths, even finding a moment for some beautifully balanced house around the halfway mark, it’s reflected on the mix below.

Bogdan Dražić plays The First Dance at Fold on August 18th – buy tickets here.

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