Textasy cherrypicks elements from the hardcore continuum for his own diabolical creations. Hardcore, electro, acid or jungle, it appears nothing’s safe from being channelled into releases on labels like Craigie Knowes, E-Beamz and Natural Sciences. While many of these tropes are well-worn, even the most familiar feel exhilarating when the Texas native wields them. A take-no-prisoners attitude and preference for analogue production over digital means also infiltrates the curation of his own label – as an outlet for the rawest expressions of dance music, DJ Normal 4, Draveng, Erotek and many more have plied their trade on FTP.

Wasting no time at all, Textasy’s mix dives headfirst into full-throttle turbulence. A blistering, two hour-long excursion through Memphis rap-sampling heaters, booty jams and Detroit cybernetics, the only departure from electro comes through brief pitstops in house and hardcore territory. It’s a frenzied exercise in dancefloor propulsion from a distinctly US-centric artist.

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