Until fairly recently, Benoit B was probably best known for his work as the person pulling the strings at Banlieue Records. If his releases on UK labels Wisdom Teeth and Berceuse Heroique are anything to go by though, there’s a lot more to the man than meets the eye. From the conceptual, Far East flex of Japonaiserie to aqueous, new age-leaning hybrids on his Vague à l’Âme EP, the forward-thinking nature and impeccable execution of the latest output cements his place as one to watch. That isn’t to say the previous releases or label curation are anything to be sniffed at – take the latter, where a modus operandi of putting out the “hybrid, relentless and hallucinogenic” has seen music from the likes of DJ Overdose, Nummer and Watching Airplanes elevate Banlieue to a respected outlet for leftfield electronics.

Often found reaching for music better suited for headphone listening, Benoit’s selections never loose sight of the dancefloor here. 4×4 for the duration, expect panpipe dreamscapes, trance motifs, earworm basslines, jacking drums and cosmic pads, with some timeless classics from a pair of Midwestern heroes thrown in for good measure. Music to lift you up when it all gets a bit much.

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