Dialling the tempo in either direction, the enduring quality of Mr Assister‘s output has been a keen fascination with rhythm and percussion. There are ties to James Blake and the 1-800 Dinosaur imprint, notably moonlighting as Blake’s live drummer, but it’s also something inextricably linked to his solo endeavours. By that we mean it pervades DJ sets, the tripped-out, lysergic chug and sweltering, tribal-leaning jams evocative of imagined verdant utopias materialising on his Beam imprint; even the mix we have the pleasure of presenting today.

Administering “death by bongo” for a blend representative of what he’s playing out, there’s a degree of forward momentum you may not commonly associate with Mr Assister. Clocking in at just under an hour, it’s laced with darkroom energy and insistent techno throb, trance motifs infiltrating the cerebral cortex as the unrelenting assault of drum pattern ebbs and flows.

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