Of all the words to describe Alexander Dorn, AKA Credit 00, “unfettered,” “unhinged” and “uncompromising” immediately spring to mind – in short, the Leipzig native’s known for his inclination towards the innovative and unpredictable. Humanising factory soundsprobing Eastern modalities or declaring love for 8-bit video games with a first full-length album, fans know to expect the unexpected when a new release hits the shelves.

What binds this melting pot of ideas and influences together though is rhythm, and it takes centre stage on virtually everything he’s touched: handed the reigns following a string of excellent but unconventional outings on parent label Uncanny Valley, the inaugural Rat Life Records release came with a mission statement to reflect “the imperfect spirit of life in dirty raw dance music and its natural environment.” Under Dorn’s tutelage, the label has become a one-stop shop for rugged DJ tools of a more unusual persuasion.

Bursting at the seams with Underground Resistance material, including a pair of cuts from inimitable UR founder “Mad” Mike Banks, there’s a strong Detroit influence on the mix. Beginning like a love letter to the North American dance music he finds so influential, we eventually descend into the quirkier depths of European breaks and electro.

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