Roughly translating as ‘special pleasures’, Ece Özel‘s Özel Zevkler parties place oddball curation front and centre. There’s more to these events than simply dancing to weird music, however. Taking place in Istanbul, a city under increasingly authoritarian rule, opportunities for some much-needed escapism are to be savoured. Probing the stranger fringes of electronic music, often operating beyond the boundaries of genre, the Müstesna Records imprint Ece co-founded treads a similar path. In case you missed the mystifying archival release of acid, electro and synth-pop from Turkish three-piece Etnik Sentetik, 2018’s inaugural outing set a precedent for what’s to come.

In keeping with a proclivity for unearthing the unhinged and peculiar, her mix is an exercise in sonic obscurantism. Mining familiar territory, things escalate quickly as downtempo oddities make way for mutated, visceral club structures steeped in the traditions of EBM, electro, techno and industrial.

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