In 2019, drawing from dance music of the American Midwest is hardly novel, especially as a starting point for emerging talent honing their craft. Taylor Hawkins, AKA Flora FM, doesn’t stray far from those well-trodden paths either, but releases on Argot, Vanity Press, Terrafirm and Kalahari Oyster Cult have established him as one of the most innovative young producers about.

Taking cues from rave in its euphoria-soaked heydey, the verdant forests of the Pacific Northwest and  quick-fire mixing techniques popularised by the likes of Jeff Mills, Hawkins honours tradition, but the music sounds incredibly fresh. Tripped-out or comparatively functional and driving, there’s a maturity to the music that belies his relatively tender years.

The mix is a rollercoaster of mood and emotion, underpinned by a playful futurism that’s quintessentially Flora FM. An increasingly turbulent blending of cascading arpeggios, earworm groove and neuro-transmitting electronics, the Seattle native will have your synapses firing all at once.

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