Originally conceived as a “world-music, house oriented moniker,” Aggelos Baltas’ output as Anatolian Weapons seems to blur genre boundaries further with every passing release. Chart his musical journey from the first record purchase to a recent Beats In Space debut, however, and it isn’t hard to see how he got here: his family owned a record store in their native Athens, for starters.

There are fond memories of dad blasting Italo classics in the car, but when it came to dance music, Goa trance was Baltas’ first love. No doubt the eclectic nature of his musical education made an impression. Re-edits as Fantastikoi Hxoi would re-contexualise Greek folk music for new audiences, while Dream Weapons found Baltas moving into territory riddled with 303’s and propulsive EBM rhythms. Never fully losing sight of those Grecian roots, it all paved the way to that aforementioned Beats In Space release: collaborating with Greek psych folk songwriter Seirios SavvaidisTo The Mother Of Gods is a fusion of traditional instrumentation and Baltas’ experimental sensibilities.

Chugging and hypnotic, loaded alien dub, psych, weirdo industrial and slo-mo trance, the mix plays like a melting pot of his influences. Clocking in at just over three-and-a-half hours, it’s a marathon not a sprint – just be prepared to totally loose yourself before you reach that finish line.

To The Mother Of Gods is out now on Beats In Space – buy it here.

Photo Credit: Pavlos Fyasakis

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