Eirwud Mudwasser‘s sound owes a great deal to his sense of oneness with nature. A recent outing for Japanese label Snaker leaves you dreaming of imagined tropical vistas, but this is something he’s been vocal about since debuting on Balearic Social back in 2015. Undeniably off-kilter, with oddball sensibility pervading throughout, Mudwasser evokes humid, exotic environments that might be of this planet, but could just as easily not.

Inverting reality as we know it, the Romanian producer’s output often gains a psychedelic quality. That Snaker release kept true to the label’s recurring “Contermporary Library Sound” theme, touching on kosmische, techno-shamanism, dub mutations and so much more. Existing in a space where futurism, exotica and psychedelia converge, it cemented his place as a purveyor of the weird and wonderful.

For the mix he retains that uncanny, otherworldly sense that has been such a constant thread, albeit with greater focus on the dancefloor.

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