AIR LQD has been continuing a long-standing tradition of unapologetically turbulent music in Belgium. With its genesis in the new beat and EBM popularised by the likes of Zsa Zsa “La Boum” and Front 242, he belongs to a generation carrying a torch lit back in the late ’80s. But while AIR LQD releases definitely share things aesthetically with those earlier sounds, like his compatriot Maoupa Mazzocchetti, the Brussels-based producer pushes that envelope even further.

Appearances on Unknown Precept, Vastechoes, Perfekt Perfekt Funktion Ltd. have been laced with angst, spite and fuck-off attitude. The music is dancably overdriven, channelling techno, electro, post-punk, industrial and those aforementioned genres native to Belgium into an abrasive, corrupted amalgam that’s festers like an open wound. Harsh, searing and infected with gnarled structures, angular dissonance and fetid noise, his mix takes a similar approach.

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