Lately, Francis Latreille, AKA Priori, has been nothing short of prolific. Opening windows to parallel words, he navigates the meditative and psychedelic together with an expansive approach to the blissed-out house sound so prevalent in his native Canada. You really have to set some time aside in order to fully unpack his numerous musical endeavours though, whether it’s running NAFF alongside Adam Feingold, collaborating on labels like Pacific Rhythm and ASL Singles Club or presiding over newly-formed “leftfield collective,” New World Science.

Beyond the ubiquitous Canadian connections, if there’s any unifying trend between all of the above, it’s hypnosis. Inducing trance-states with both headphones and the dancefloor in mind, listeners are often subjected to otherworldly flourishes – the new age ambient of New World Science is crafted in collaboration with fellow sonic psychonauts like Ramzi and R Weng, while his spaced-out house draws comparisons with fellow Canadians D. Tiffany and Project Pablo.

That said, Latreille actually considers himself a DJ first and producer second. Fourth World electronics into lush, immersive dancefloor cuts, the mix is an entry point to the tripped-out world he inhabits.

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