Mark ‘Mother’ Maxwell‘s eclectic explorations are testament to his background as protégé to the late, undeniably great John Peel. Cutting his teeth as assistant for Peel’s seminal Radio One show, he spent the early 2000s learning from someone that built a reputation on championing both new and cutting-edge music regardless of era or origin. These experiences paved the way to Maxwell’s highly curated mixtapes on labels like the Golden Pudel-affiliated V I S, and traversing difficult, outré genres alongside jungle, techno and grime, it’s work that Peel would’ve been proud to call his own.

Fast-forward to the present day and he can be found doing distribution for veritable Glasgow institution Rubadub. On top of this, the launch of nascent Concrete Cabin imprint alongside 12th Isle’s DJ Crud further solidified his love for UK-centric sounds and imposing dancefloor structures.

A one-time key member of Fortified Sessions, who are largely credited with bringing early iterations of dubstep to Glasgow, it’s fitting that much of the mix centres around bass and soundsystem ordnance. Recorded in one take, we go from grime hybridism and breaks to East African club rhythms and gqom in just over 80 minutes.


  1. Logos – Arrival (T2 Mix) (Different Circles)
  2. Walton – Murdah (Kaizen)
  3. Toma Kami – Negative Extasy (Livity Sound)
  4. TSVI & Lorenzo BITW – Storm (Instrumental) (Nervous Horizon)
  5. Basic Rhythm – Get Up (Planet Mu)
  6. Walton – Inside (Tectonic)
  7. Omaar – String Track (Noire Remix) (Naafi)
  8. Grovestreet – Intrusions (Morcee & 199? Remix) (Tight Knit)
  9. Omaar – Progressive Tribes (Naafi)
  10. Szare – Cut With Glass (Polity)
  11. Rude Boyz – Lalela (Rude Mix) (Unreleased)
  12. Rude Boyz – Emathuneni (Rude Mix) (Unreleased)
  13. Herron – Billy’s Walk (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
  14. Asmus Odsat – Ecstatic Half Truth (Mother Edit) (FALK)
  15. Interplanetary Criminal – Tension (Sneaker Social Club)
  16. J-Zbel – Hardcore Jusqu’au PEF (Brothers From Different Mothers)
  17. Soundbwoy Killah – Let’s Thump (Bodyjack)
  18. Zomby – Labyrinth (4AD)
  19. DJ Bwin – Afterlife (hundert)
  20. Clouds – Fallout (Electric Deluxe)
  21. Detboi – Get On Up (Metalheadz Platinum)
  22. Glyn Hendry – Escape Club 99 (Poly Kicks)
  23. Beige – Ghost Producer (Acid Arab Remix) (Global Warming)
  24. DJ Nigga Fox – Weed (Mother Edit) (Principe)
  25. Slikbak – Kyokai (Hakuna Kulala)
  26. Dominowe – Bhenga Nezinja (Gqom Oh!)

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