D. Tiffany and Dan Rincón, AKA NAP, are a great examples of artists who play well with others. Their projects numerous, outlook prolific, both have collaborated to excellent results: D.Tiffany has previously worked with Bobby Draino and Roza Terenzi, while Rincón’s exploits as one half of both La Fe and Bridge & Tunnel have graced his Isla imprint. It could be argued, however, that no collaboration has gathered pace quite like Ambien Baby.

Ambien Baby is testament to how dance music from Vancouver natives has grown increasingly psychedelic since the genesis of Mood Hut in 2013. With strong emphasis on dancefloor hypnosis, the pair have rolled out three records to date, and there isn’t a dud among them. Whether administering “total sonic disorientation,” as heard on 2019’s Tackor channelling Artificial Intelligence-era Warp like debut record, Transfusión, every outing further solidifies their reputation as a duo.

Their mix moves with a similarly proggy, expansive energy, weaving together heavily tripped-out freakouts primed for the dance.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Ray.

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