Toxe made something of a statement on her PAN debut. Blinks revealed a range previously unheard from the Swedish producer, exploring and drawing from the realms of IDM, electronica and deconstructed club music with a refined ingenuity only present in shades on earlier releases. Kaleidoscopic vignettes imbued with synthesised warmth and genuine emotion, big beats, frenetic rhythms and playful synths deployed to softly lament, these qualities have now been repurposed for the dancefloor on a split EP with Paris’ Crystalmess.

Soundtracking runway shows or conjuring audio-visual narratives in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory, the Swedish producer’s remit has gradually expanded from the purely sonic to infiltrate your other senses. Toxe mixes are similarly diverse, and this one demonstrates just how deep her tastes go. Segueing seamlessly from Swedish indie-pop and Ukrainian neo-classical to Maurice Fulton jams and Powder’s verdant electronics, it’s a cross-section of influences that steers clear of electronic music’s well-worn paths and hackneyed sounds.

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